Tamani Hotel Marina accolade with ‘silver award’ at MENA travel awards 2013

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Dubai, UAE, May 2013: On the 8th Annual Middle East and North Africa Travel Awards held on 8th May 2013, Tamani Hotel – Marina won the silver award for the best environmentalist hotel. The event has been formed to annually to celebrate the skills, creativity, ingenuity and triumph of the Middle East and North Africa’s growing travel industry, while honoring the successful entrants in each of the industry categories; and those who are considered to be the best in their specific sector.

“This was our second participation at the event and we won for the second consecutive year. This not only shows our dedication to our commitments, but also the trust we have built and maintained in the short span since our inception” said Walid Al – Awa, General Manager, Tamani hotel – Marina.






The MENA Travel Awards 2013 “ Triumph of Service Leaders “ Award was presented to, recognize top industry organizations who have shown the extra mile of success in the Middle East & North Africa’s growing travel industry. This is no self-congratulatory exercise, or ‘best advertiser’ award. It is a real opportunity to receive meaningful recognition from the Region’s travelers, guests, and customers while being highly recognized by both regional and international travel, and the hospitality industries.

The Awards are of great significance and, as such, demand proper measurement. The judges were the end-users and travel trade professionals, who were asked to pay particular attention to the standards of the service and products they were evaluating. The final auditing of the Awards voting system was carried out by the MENA Awards Sponsoring Auditors Worldwide. ”

The event was organized by “Consultants of Hospitality Administrators” (CHA International). All the way through other regions it has been known evidently that the “CHA International” MENA Travel Awards are very essential to the industry. The Travel Awards measure excellence. Winning the accolade puts contestants up among the best in the industry (Platinum, Gold or Silver) is in all probability the highest honour the industry can grant.

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مرسى دبى تعتبر واحدة من أحياء المدينة الأكثر حيوية، وتحيط بها مجموعة مميزة من الشواطئ الخاصة والعامة، ومراكز التسوق مع العلامات التجارية الفاخرة من مختلف أنحاء العالم، وملاعب الغولف ونادي اليخوت والعديد من المطاعم العالمية. تتميز هذه المنطقة خلال أشهر الشتاء ، بقربها من العديد من المقاهى العلمية فى منطقة ممشى دبى وهو موقع ممتاز للاسترخاء ومشاهدة اليخوت الراسية، و استئجار دراجات هوائية أو الذهاب لممارسة رياضة العدو.

  • مطار دبي الدولي – 40 دقيقة بالسيارة
  • برج خليفة – نافورة دبي ودبي مول – 30 دقيقة بالسيارة
  • مركز دبي للنزلج – 5 دقائق بالسيارة
  • مركز دبي التجاري العالمي – 30 دقيقة بالسيارة
  • جزيرة النخلة جميرا – 10 دقائق بالسيارة
  • مول الإمارات – 10 دقائق
  • مساكن شواطئ الجوميرا – 10 دقائق سيرا على الأقدام
  • دبي مارينا مول – 15 دقيقة سيرا على الأقدام
  • نادي دبي مارينا لليخوت – 5 دقائق سيرا على الأقدام
  • حديقة وايلد وادي المائية – 15 دقيقة بالسيارة

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